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Title: Pretense or Love?
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairing: Ohmiya (main) 
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17
Summary: Ohno Satoshi is the new CEO of the family business after his father’s death. It’s something he didn’t choose, yet was obliged to do as the older son. The only escape from the harsh reality is a host; Nino. It was his younger brother who took him there and somehow, this man managed to reach his heart. For the first time in his life, someone didn’t judge him; listened to him; held him when he needed it. He knows that Nino might simply do his job but when they spent the night together he was sure he saw emotions reflecting in the host’s eyes. Is it true love or just a good pretense?
Disclaimer: Kazu belongs to his Oh-chan and Oh-chan belongs to his Kazu



Part 1


“Why so gloomy, brother?”


Satoshi didn’t raise his gaze. He didn’t have to. He knew the other would be either smirking or looking down on him. It had always been like that. Since they were young children. He was the oldest one but he’d somehow always have the role of the younger. He didn’t complain though. He was more than fine with it. He had never been an ambitious person like his brother, preferring to do things he really liked; things that made him feel fulfilled. Of course, that wouldn’t be the case for the rest of his life. He studied law and economics majoring in business administration. To his father’s eyes he had always been the less competent but nevertheless he was the oldest and according to the family’s tradition he was the one to take his place.


Satoshi finished his studies and started working under his father. He’d always be scolded for not being attentive, missing details, not being cold enough with the rest of the employees, trying to make deals that weren’t the most profitable for the company. Ohno Corporation wasn’t a simple company; it was a colossus, giving Ohno family power enough to claim influence on Japanese economy and politics. Satoshi knew that his younger brother was more appropriate to be the next heir. Hideshi shared the same point of view with their father. ‘Profit knows no moral’ was a phrase frequently repeated in meetings and Satoshi knew that Hideshi agreed completely. He, on the other hand, could never understand why they should desire to earn the double and the triple by using unorthodox measures or by exploiting others.


He never said anything though. What for? He’d only raise an argument he’d never win. He wished he wasn’t born an Ohno. He wished he was born in a middle-class or even a poor family, he didn’t care about money. He knew first hand that money didn’t always bring happiness. He just wanted to be able to sit around the table, laugh wholeheartedly, feel loved and accepted the way he truly was. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to choose whose child he was, so he had to follow the rules of the family he was part of, even if deep inside he hated it.


It was six months ago when he was woken up in the middle of the night by their butler. His father had had a heart attack. He was immediately transported to the hospital just to confirm his death. Satoshi was leaning against the wall, observing the way his mother’s hands clenched the moment the doctor announced the news. She was held by Hideshi and anyone else would say how much they both suffered. He knew though that his mother wasn’t sad; she was mad; mad because her husband’s death had ruined her upcoming trip with her lover to the French Riviera. The latter, who also happened to be her personal driver, was standing a few meters away having turned his gaze to the ground. He had lost the chance to exploit his frustrated, bored-to-death middle-aged super rich employer into buying him anything he’d ask her, like a proper gigolo. Hideshi couldn’t care less about her either. He did it in order to maintain her favoritism. Ohno Makiko was a woman who loved to be pampered and Hideshi never lost a chance to make her feel the way she wanted.


Satoshi sighed and went to a vending machine. He needed some coffee. The scene in front of him was so rotten, making him feel sick. Hypocrisy; the word that described their family the best. He honestly wished that his mother would be able to convince her father-in-law and make Hideshi the next CEO. He wanted to escape from all that. He wanted to live his life the way he wanted, craved for… He wanted for once to be free.


Unfortunately, his wish never came true. One week after his father’s death, he found himself sitting behind the CEO’s desk. He was one of the most powerful men in Japan; the media calling him the ‘calm power’. They didn’t know that he wasn’t really the one who had the power. He was nothing but a coward; like this very moment who chose to say nothing to his brother who was standing in front of him.


“You won’t say anything?”


Satoshi continued to read the papers in front of him for a couple of seconds longer before he finally looked up.


“I’m working, Hideshi. Is there something you want?” he said in a calm way.


“It’s about today’s meeting…”


Satoshi raised his eyebrow. “What about today’s meeting?! Everything’s already planned and all the participants well informed.”


“There’s an alteration that needed to be made.”


Satoshi frowned. “What alteration?”


“It’s here.” Satoshi looked at the paper his younger brother gave to him. Hideshi had changed it and already sent it to the client they’d meet later that day. Satoshi wanted to send him to hell but tried to remain calm. He knew it would only be worse for him, if he provoked the other. Hideshi had a magic trick to always make him look the one at fault. “I know you are the CEO, brother, and I respect that but I can’t let you destroy Ohno Corporation.” His brother continued ignoring Satoshi’s narrowed eyes. “I’m not only part of the company, I’m also part of the family and there’s no way I’d allow such a miss.”


“You forced the client to pay more.”


“I didn’t say that your proposition wasn’t profitable but if we can obtain a single yen more, we have to get it. See you at the meeting, brother.”


Satoshi was left alone in his office looking blankly at the papers in front of him. He knew that even if he was the CEO, he still wasn’t free to do things his way. Hideshi would never agree on that. He turned around looking outside at the covered-with-heavy clouds sky. I hate my life…



He was still trying to understand why he had just sat on that velvet sofa. The loud laughs of his brother and one of their clients’ on his left side was a good reminder. It was his brother’s suggestion and even if he didn’t approve, hearing the excited voice of Yamanato Hiroki, the most important investor after his father’s death, he could only pretend by smiling and follow them.




In the streets there were too many people walking around, others dressed in a too eccentric way for his taste, others in a too sexy way, others again wearing only a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Everywhere he could see neon lights, could hear loud music coming from bars, screams and loud laughs from groups of young people… In his thirty-two years of life this was the first time he was actually seeing how Roppongi looked by night. They entered in a rather secluded road. It was only when Satoshi saw the big poster that he realized what this ‘special place’ his brother had spoken of was; a host club… and not any kind; a gay host club.


For a moment he was frozen. Could it be that his brother knew and used Yamanato as a cover to make fun of him? He had never dared to reveal his sexual preferences to his family knowing well that it would only bring trouble to him. Unconsciously, he turned his gaze towards his brother who was staring back at him with an unreadable look.


“Yamanato is the kind of man who secretly wants nothing more than to shove it in an ass. It’s the best option we have…” Hideshi whispered in his brother’s ear with a voice that showed his mocking mode.


“To take advantage of him… and then hold him by the fear of a possible scandal…” Satoshi whispered back, lowering his head.


“C’mon… It’s not like that. Besides, I also did it for you. Take it also as my way to say that I’m sorry about before. I’m sure you won’t hate it… They’re rumored to be among the best!”




His brother said nothing more; he just winked at him and walked quickly to Yamanato’s side.


Satoshi bit his lower lip. Of course, Hideshi would know…




“Gentlemen, who would you like to serve you?”


Satoshi was feeling like a fish out of the water. He looked at the young man standing in front of their table. He must be around his age; probably a little younger than him but that could be only because of his style.


“The number one for our special guest here…” Hideshi immediately replied pointing at Yamanato. “As for my brother, I’d like him to choose the one he likes the most…”


In a blink of the eye, Satoshi saw a number of fifteen young hosts lining up in front of them. They were either trying to be sexy, provocative or cute but Satoshi could clearly see what they were truly after; money. He could tell that inside they were making fun of them. Pitiful rich men who cannot date and all they can do is buy… no; rent attention for a couple of hours.


He was about to stand up and live when he caught with the corner of his eye a small-figured host coming closer and standing at the end of the line. If Satoshi judged correctly, this boy – because there’s no way he could be called a man – shouldn’t be older than twenty, twenty-one years old. His face was cute which easily made him pass even for a teenager. He also wasn’t the classic ‘ikemen’ type everyone had in their mind when they’d think of hosts. He wasn’t smiling nor was he trying to look seductive like the rest of his colleagues. He would just stand there and look with a gaze that was unreadable. Satoshi tried to distinguish the criticizing look in the host’s eyes but with no success. It was something though that caught Satoshi’s attention; those eyes weren’t paying attention to the two men sitting next to him. They were locked on him, as if it was only him; him and no one else.


Satoshi couldn’t count how much time had passed with him just staring back at the young host. It was seconds later that the young host suddenly smiled at him. It was neither mocking, nor arrogant. To Satoshi this was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. He didn’t know who this boy was but he knew that he wanted him to come closer, sit next to him, have the chance to see him better, listen to his voice…


After several moments of silence, Satoshi’s brother finally made nod at the small-figured host to come and sit by Satoshi’s side.


“It’s his first time… and he feels shy!” was the last comment Satoshi heard before his attention went to the host who had just sat next to him.


He tried to look calm when one of the host’s hands rested on his knee as the latter turned to look at him better.


“I guess I have to introduce myself properly, Ohno-san!” Satoshi was left blinking. This host had a soft voice, almost melodic to his ears, making him forget how it is to speak. “I’m Nino and I’m honored you chose me tonight!”


Satoshi was as if he was casted a spell. The other was like a Siren; a beautiful, seductive Siren who with only a smile, few words, a simple touch could take his soul. Were all hosts like that? Was it him for being not accustomed to such attention? Was he overthinking about it? Most probably, yes… but that didn’t mean that his heart wasn’t pounding crazily in his chest.


“How old are you?”


It only took a soft giggle from the host’s side to realize that this wasn’t the first thing to ask.


“Old enough to prepare you a drink and drink along…” the young host said in a seductive yet playful tone, as he took a glass in his hand.


Satoshi looked at him carefully without saying anything else. His eyes moved to Nino’s hands, a smile appearing on his face when he realized they were small, surprisingly fitting him perfectly. It was only when he heard another soft giggle that he was snapped out of his thoughts.


“I know this is your first time in a host club but you should relax, Ohno-san. We will just sit here, drink some alcohol and discuss whatever you like… It’s simple as that…”


“But wouldn’t you be bored with-?”


“Our service is to make our clients feel relaxed and… welcomed…” in the last word, Satoshi could trace a hint of bitterness, even repulsion as the host’s eyes stuck on the men at his side.


Satoshi turned his gaze to their client who had thrown his hands on the number one host who, on hiss turn, was happily accepting everything, since Yamanato had declared earlier that he’d pay whatever the other asked him to.


“You don’t like it?” he asked once his attention went back to Nino.


The latter immediately smiled and pressed his body closer to Satoshi’s, sending shivers down his spine.


“I do… especially if I have someone as cute and interesting as you for a client!”


Satoshi was left astonished. Was he just called cute and interesting?


“I’m sure in the next ten minutes you’ll change your mind…” he said, sipping some of his drink, surprised at its tastefulness.


“You like it?” Nino asked, his hand finding its place back to Satoshi’s knee.


“Y- Yes…” Satoshi whispered, not sure if he was able to hide his uneasiness.


“I’m glad my competences reached your taste and… so you know, I rarely change my opinion over someone, Ohno-san. The part about you being cute won’t change; as for the interesting part, we’ll see… though I’m sure you won’t be a disappointment. I could tell by the time our eyes met!”


“I… I admit this is the first time I’ve been called cute in my life; even more from someone this younger than me!” Satoshi mumbled, his gaze locked on his lap, before he let more of the cold drink slip down his throat. He chose to ignore the rest of the host’s sentence.


“How old are you, Ohno-san?”


“I thought such questions were a big no-no here…”


“Not if they come from a host’s mouth… I just wanted to prove to you that our age difference isn’t as much as you may think!”


Satoshi gasped at the sensation of Nino’s arm brushing against his; something that didn’t go unnoticed by the young host who pressed even more.


“I’m… thirty-two…” he managed to mumble with difficulty.


“See? I knew that we weren’t this apart…” Nino said in a seductive tone as he leaned closer so that his mouth was only a few inches away from Satoshi’s right ear. “Only five years… I’m sure this doesn’t count as an age gap for you, Ohno-san, right?!”


“I thought you were younger. You are… ahmm… look…”


“You know you can call me cute, if you want, Ohno-san! I wouldn’t mind!”


Satoshi was taken aback, drinking the rest of his drink in one go.


“And by now the other part is also proved!”




“I knew you were an interesting person, Ohno-san!”


The rest of the night passed in a blink of the eye for Satoshi. He couldn’t explain why but he had let Nino sit closer to him, his right hand held securely in the host’s ones. His mind was screaming at him that he shouldn’t behave like this especially when Hideshi was there but then again the latter had told him that he already knew… and having Nino by his side just felt so… right. They didn’t speak much but to Satoshi it felt as if it wasn’t needed, just being held like that was more than enough for him.


It was the first time in his life he was feeling warm and strangely calm inside. He had been confused; was it really Nino? Was it the alcohol that mad Nino’s presence so important? Was it his desperate need for human contact? He couldn’t think clearly. It was only when he heard Nino saying goodbye to him and saw him flashing him his beautiful smile that Satoshi realized he was sure only for one thing; no matter what he would definitely see Nino again.



It was ten days later when Satoshi entered in the host club again. He could see the surprise being reflected in the manager’s eyes but the smile was professional. He was led inside and this time he clearly asked for Nino. He could hear some whispers as he was led to the same table at the corner of the club by Nino but didn’t pay attention. He didn’t care… he only wanted to spend some more time with him.


This time, he was able to relax more. There was no Hideshi, no Yamanato. There was only him and Nino. This time he spoke… about the things he had never thought he’d share with someone; his love for art and crafts; the books he had enjoyed reading; his interest in fishing; his love for small villages that still had kept their uniqueness and character.


He wasn’t sure if Nino truly was as interested as he appeared to be or it was only his professionalism; a mask. His job was to make his client feel relaxed and welcomed… these had been his words and Satoshi wasn’t a stupid one. He knew this may be the case. It was also the reason why he had avoided to go to the club. Once at home, he tried to be reasonable and never go again but then, the moment he’d close his eyes, Nino’s smile would appear, making him weak.


At that moment, though, he didn’t want to think it was the second option. At that moment, with Nino by his side, he secretly hoped that the other was at least finding him a tiny bit interesting… He was interesting; these were also his words and no matter how much he tried, Satoshi didn’t distinguish any trace of the repulsion he had caught in Nino’s eyes when they were staring at Yamanato ten days ago. At that moment, Satoshi wanted to let go for once and believe that the other was truly finding him interesting.




His visits became more frequent with the time. Gradually, he was able to open up a bit more; speaking of his wishes, his dreams and how they’d never become true… how fucked-up his life was… Sometimes he wondered if the other would ever make complaints to his boss, knowing that he wasn’t the happiest company but Nino would always squeeze his hand, always whisper something that would make Satoshi’s heart skip a beat. Such gestures were small and others might even call them insignificant but to Satoshi they were enough to show him that the other even if he wasn’t interested, he was truly listening to him. He’d always smile to him.



It was almost midnight and Satoshi was about to leave the host club. Like every other time, Nino accompanied him to the exit. “I’ll be waiting for you, Ohno-san!”


Satoshi was about to mumble good night when he felt something soft and hot against his cheek. Nino’s lips. It wasn’t more than a peck but it was enough to make Satoshi freeze at his spot.


“I mean it…” Nino said with a wide smile, as he gave him another soft squeeze on the hand that he was still holding. Satoshi was left staring at the young host who smiled in reply before his free hand came to trace feather-like the skin that was previously touched by those soft lips of his, moving lower to the corner of Satoshi’s half-opened mouth. “Good night....”


Satoshi, whose face felt as if it was set on fire, only nodded and left the club avoiding to look at Nino. He wasn’t even sure if he had mumbled a good night himself.  His heart was beating in a crazy rhythm in his chest as he made his way to the car waiting for him a few meters away from the club’s entrance. His eyes were falling on the different buildings as the car was bringing him back home. His hand came to trace his cheek once again, feeling his heart flutter once again. He hadn’t felt like that before… or more correctly, he hadn’t felt before. He wasn’t allowed to… It wasn’t fitting into the perfect Ohno image… yet this host had managed to make him feel… and deep inside he knew that he wanted to feel even more… For two whole months he was wondering if it was only him who enjoyed the other’s company so much… but tonight… something in Nino’s eyes told him that it wasn’t just him.



A.N. Sooo minna finally here's the first part of my new chaptered Ohmiya!! ^_^ It's been a while since I wrote an Ohmiya story and I'm excited about it! This time I decided to focus it entirely on Ohmiya so every chapter will be from a different POV while the story will progress normally! :) Of course, it won't be a story with no complicated plot - yes, it's me we're talking about! xD From the next chapter, you'll be able to understand more! I promise! ;) 

I really hope you enjoyed it!!! <3 As it's a new story, I admit I feel nervous, so I'd appreciate to read your thoughts about it! ^^

See you soon,
Andy ^_^


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