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Title: Pretense or Love?
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ohno Satoshi is the new CEO of the family business after his father’s death. It’s something he didn’t choose, yet was obliged to do as the older son. The only escape from the harsh reality is a host; Nino. It was his younger brother who took him there and somehow, this man managed to reach his heart. For the first time in his life, someone didn’t judge him; listened to him; held him when he needed it. He knows that Nino might simply do his job but when they spent the night together he was sure he saw emotions reflecting in the host’s eyes. Is it true love or just a good pretense?
Disclaimer: Kazu belongs to his Oh-chan and Oh-chan belongs to his Kazu




Part 2


“Hey, Nino! Look who’s here again! It seems that our CEO can’t sleep without seeing his favorite boy! And to think that he’s the type who’d never set his foot in a host club! It’s almost romantic…”


Nino looked at his coworker with a raised eyebrow. He didn’t say anything. He made sure his shirt was at its place and his hair perfect. He knew well that Ohno Satoshi liked him. He could tell that from kilometers away… the way the older man’s eyes would sparkle the moment they met him, the way he would blush shyly when Nino leaned closer to him, taking his hand into his. Ohno Satoshi had no mask. He was an open book, making him the easy target for mocking, like at this very moment.


“He’s already looking for you! Don’t play the difficult much…” his coworker leaned close to his ear. “Everyone here knows how much money there is in his bank accounts and from the way he gets all red and flushed when you’re around, it’s easy to get that he hasn’t had any in ages and that makes him the perfect prey; too wealthy and too gullible for his own good!”


Nino narrowed his eyes. He usually allowed some mocking or more correctly expression of jealousy by his co-workers. The host club was just like every other working place; competitive, fairly or not. He usually ignored the stupid ones like him but this time he couldn’t allow it. Ohno Satoshi was his client and everyone should get the message. In one fast move, he grabbed the other by the collar of his shirt. “Unfortunately for you, he wants me… and you should have already learnt that once someone has got to know Nino, there’s no way he’d go for anyone else! I’m too addictive to let go!” he said provocatively and winked at the other before pushing him with force backwards.


He saw his coworker frowning and smirked mischievously. It seemed that the other had received the message, like everyone around who happened to hear them. There was whisperings but he ignored them as he checked himself for the last details in the mirror. He hadn’t lied after all. From his first steps in this job, almost six years ago, he had managed to charm every client that had chosen him. Clients usually preferred to change hosts. But when someone had passed his time with Nino they’d always come back asking for him and only him. He knew how to adjust himself to the one he had in front of him… he knew what to say, how to say it and when to say it. He had a charisma to make everyone fall for him.


Objectively, he was neither the most handsome, nor the sexiest… that was the reason why he wasn’t number one. The majority of the clients wanted the classic version of a host while he belonged to the “cute-looking” category. He didn’t complain though, he knew that for those who were ok with it, he had a weapon that made him invincible; he could persuade everyone that he paid attention to them; not fake but real. He’d make sure, they’d feel treasured; even if it was a small touch on their hand or his gaze… Many had told him that his eyes were piercing and beautiful… He believed them because they all fell into his trap without realizing there was one in the first place.


The same had happened with Ohno Satoshi. After two hours, during that awkward first visit, Nino had made sure he was sitting by his side… caressing his long fingers feather-like… whispering words of comfort in his ear when he felt the other needed them… making sure the CEO felt he was there for him. So many months later, there he was… sitting at their usual table, waiting for Nino to go to him. Ohno Satoshi was another example on his list of fans. With time, the CEO had turned into his most loyal client, visiting the club almost every night. It was like his co-worker had said; he couldn’t sleep without seeing him.


He shook his head as he saw the CEO looking around trying to get a glimpse of him. Nino caught the way the number one host was pointing at him while whispering to two others something. They were making fun of him. Nino could only sigh. He sometimes thought that this man was too easy to read for his own good. You are too obvious, Ohno Satoshi…


He put on his best professional smile and came closer to the table the other was waiting for him. He made sure he was sexy as he sat next to him, letting his hand slip on Satoshi’s thigh, his lips brushing his chubby cheek.


“Ohno-kun… You finally came!” his voice was low, seductive while having the warmness, he knew the other always sought. It took him a couple of times to learn exactly what Ohno Satoshi wanted from him, what he’d like, what would make him fall more for him.


“I had a meeting that took more hours than planned…” Satoshi whispered in a low voice, showing his tiredness. “All I wanted to do was to escape and come here…” his hand came hesitantly to caress Nino’s jaw tracing a line until the thumb reached his lower lip. “To you…”


“You’re here, now!” Nino took the hand into his and pressed it to his mouth softly without breaking the eye-contact.


Ten minutes later, he had already ordered their first drinks when he saw Satoshi’s hand seeking for his, trembling.


“Just hold me, please…” his voice was also trembling.


Nino could tell that the other was having too much pressure in his work. He was the heir of one of the most powerful families in Tokyo, with two colossal corporations under the Ohno name, stocks in the Market and numerous funds in different economic fields. His father had died six months ago, and he was forced by the family to take the lead as the oldest son. Others would say he was lucky but Nino knew that he hated it. He knew how much he hated lies, manipulations, exploitation of every possible mean and person with only goal the profit. He was a man who loved art, extremely sensitive and sensitized when it came to human rights, equality and respect. Simply, he didn’t fit but he did it because he strangely cared.


Nino took hold of his hand, intertwining their fingers while letting his head rest on the other’s shoulder. He didn’t say anything, exactly like Satoshi didn’t say anything. He knew from experience that the best in such cases would be to just hold them the way the other was craving for. A comfortable silence sometimes was more desired.


Several minutes passed like that and Nino could hear Satoshi sighing deeply. “Is there anything you want to tell me?” he asked without looking at Satoshi. “You know I will always listen to you, Ohno-kun. Whatever it might be…”


“I know… It’s just that-”


Satoshi’s words were cut off as the responsible of the club came to their table and made a nod to Nino to follow him.


“You’ve got a call.”


Nino could tell beforehand who the caller was. Excusing himself politely, he went to the back of the club and picked up the phone.




It’s me. Your payment for this week is already in your account. I am satisfied with the rhythm things are going but I also have to remind you the other part of the deal. I’ve seen him; he’s ready. I think it’s about time you take it to the next step. Today, it’s the perfect chance! I made sure he got emotionally exhausted and frustrated!” a chuckle was heard at the other end of the line. “I’m sure he wouldn’t need that much of persuasion! I know your capabilities. You better make sure you take advantage of them and use them to get what we want! I think there’s no need to remind you what will happen if you fail…, right, Ninomiya?


Nino had his eyes locked on the small-figured man who was nervously drinking his whiskey waiting for him to go back. The caller was right… Ohno Satoshi did look emotionally vulnerable. Besides from the first second he had sat by his side he had sought for his touch. Yes… Tonight, it would be the perfect chance.


“I understand.” Nino replied, his eyes never leaving Ohno Satoshi.


I knew that we spoke the same language, Ninomiya.


“Of course. I will be expecting your part of the deal, as well!”


If the result is satisfying, I may even consider giving you even a small bonus.”


“I’m also glad we speak the same language.”


Have fun tonight!” the voice at the other end of the phone sounded sarcastic, ironic.


“I will. Don’t doubt that.” Nino said and without waiting for an answer, he ended the call.


He was standing at the same spot, staring blankly at his older client. This time he wasn’t some needy, middle-aged salary man. He was young… needy; yes but young.


“Will you finally make your move, Nino?”


Nino turned on his side to find the number one host standing next to him, his eyes also locked on Ohno Satoshi.


“I think it’s about time.”


The other smirked. “This time it took you longer than others… You usually get in their bed from the fifth or the most sixth time.”


Nino frowned at the other’s words. “I’m sorry I’m not like you who fuck them from the first encounter.”


The other muffled a laugh. “Only the good-looking ones.”


“You mean the good-looking, super rich ones.”


“Obviously! Aren’t you after the super rich as well? Ohno Satoshi may be the richest one you’ll get in his pants. I don’t think he’s worth much. I’m sure he needs the guide book to proceed but at least, he’s young. That stupid investor I had got, when your Ohno-kun came for the first time, couldn’t even get it up without the pill... The only positive outcome was the 300.000 yen added in my bank account the next day!”


Nino shrugged. It was a common secret. In papers, they weren’t allowed to have sexual relationships with their clients but it was the easiest way to earn much more than by remaining at the earnings from the club and the majority of them chose to sleep with the richest of them. They weren’t much different from luxury whores. Many would look down on them but Nino had learnt to face everything with pure logic, even cynicism. Because of their profession, they usually couldn’t be in a relationship; who would be happy with a host? No one. Nino saw it as a win-win; getting laid and getting money or really expensive gifts. 


Nino cleared his throat before answering. “This time he was too innocent, senpai. Don’t you see how vulnerable he looks? He’s someone who normally wouldn’t even set his foot in a host club, let alone demand sex. I adapt my strategy on everyone’s needs and resistance. I have to make sure everything goes by plan!” he winked at him and was ready to leave when he heard the other wishing him good luck. “I appreciate it, senpai, but I don’t need it. He’s already mine!”


Nino tried to ignore the chuckle he heard and hurriedly walked to the table he found Satoshi having almost finished his drink. “I’m sorry for that!” he whispered as he sat back on the sofa. “It took me longer than I thought…”


The older man shook his head smiling fondly, immediately finding his more relaxed composure back. “It’s ok…”


Nino leaned closer letting his arm wrap around the other’s shoulders. “I’m listening… to whatever you want to tell me… I’m here…” When he saw the CEO smiling at him, he opened both his arms to hug him tightly. He could feel him tensing but didn’t push him away. Nino closed his eyes. Ohno Satoshi was finally ready.


Two hours later, he was accompanying Satoshi to his car. Nino saw a man in his forties, most probably the CEO’s driver, getting out of the driver’s seat to open the back door.


Satoshi made a small nod at him before turning back to Nino. “I wish I didn’t have to say goodbye…” he whispered in a tiny voice.


“Then don’t…” Nino whispered looking straight into Ohno’s eyes.




Nino didn’t leave Satoshi the chance to finish his words. He threw himself on him, his lips attacking the other’s. He could tell that the latter had frozen but only a few seconds later, the CEO was returning the kiss with a passion and an intensity that was unexpected. Till then, Nino had thought of him as a shy man. Surely, he’d touch him but all of these moments were tender, soft… while right now,, he could feel him be eager… hungry… desperate…


Nino was taken aback, letting a small moan escape from his lips. When the older man broke the kiss, Nino didn’t lose his chance and pressed his body firmly against the other’s one. “I was waiting for this… for so long, Ohno-kun….” his voice was trembling. They looked at each other for a few seconds before Nino was suddenly pushed in the expensive car.


Ohno Satoshi was falling right into the trap.




“You’re convinced now that you should entrust me your money?”


 “I can’t say no, now, can I?” the reply came fast.


“Well, that’s up to you” the first man said in an obviously triumphant way. “But you should know I do take business seriously. I am a man of vision…”


“Of course, you are.” the second one took out of the inner pocket of his jacket a card and gave it to the man next to him who was smiling widely. “I will be waiting…” With that he bowed and left with the two tall men that were waiting for him a few meters behind.


Once the latter and his men were out of sight, the man who remained at his spot, away from the street lights, took out his phone and pressed a few numbers. “It’s me…” he said in a cold tone as Ohno Satoshi’s car was turning right.  “The business with Arimura is almost done. Tonight, we saw them leaving together and he realized the seriousness of my proposition. Now, what’s left is the little whore doing his part of the deal, too.” A smirk appeared on his face. “No need to worry. He’s a real pro!”




The drive till Satoshi’s luxurious apartment was silent. Awkwardly silent. Nino could feel it… Perhaps the other had regretted it. He bit his lower lip not knowing what to do. He turned his head on his left watching outside the car window in an attempt to put his thoughts in order.


“Stop thinking…” the whisper came to surprise him. “I want this… I want you…” a hand was placed on his chin, causing him to turn and meet Satoshi’s eyes looking straight into his.




He saw the other gulping. “Do you want it?”




“Honestly…” Satoshi brushed his fingers through Nino’s hair.




“Honestly…” Satoshi insisted.


“I do want you, Ohno-kun. I really do…” Nino whispered with a surprisingly trembling voice; something unusual for him.


Once the car stopped outside the building, located in the most expensive district of Tokyo, Nino was pulled out by his wrist. Once again, the eagerness, the CEO was showing, surprised him. He didn’t have the chance to see his surroundings much. He was led to the elevator, his back hitting on the mirror before two hot lips found eagerly his neck, devouring it eagerly.


“What if someone see…?”


“No one will enter. It directly leads to my apartment. It’s private…”


Nino frowned confused but had no time to analyze the information. His mind couldn’t think when that hot mouth was sucking so deliciously his sensitive skin. His hands got lost in Satoshi’s soft hair, tilting his head on the side to give the other more access. He was feeling hotter; he wanted to feel the other. The doors opened and without breaking their contact, the CEO led the host in his living room.


Their lips met in a hungry, insatiable kiss, tongues dancing feverishly against each other. Nino was pinned against the wall, close to the entrance, a painful moan leaving his throat but he couldn’t complain. He enjoyed this roughness of Satoshi. At that moment, under the intense caresses and ministrations, he needed Satoshi exactly like the latter needed him. Their crotches were rubbing together trying to gain friction. Nino jumped in the air, wrapping his legs around the CEO’s waist, his pelvis making small, round moves. He felt two hands holding him by his buttocks, hips thrusting forwards. He threw his head back, his eyes closed. This was crazy.




“Satoshi… huh… Call me Sato… shi…” the CEO said breathless between his pantings.


“Do me…” Nino said, his lips almost touching the other’s half-opened mouth, his eyes looking at the other with lust. “Please…”


He saw the older man biting his lower lip before he was carried to the bedroom. He was thrown on the bed, immediately hands finding their place on his shirt. In a blink the eye, buttons flied across the room, as Satoshi opened it in one go, not caring if it was useless afterwards. Nino could only moan loud. In front of him, he didn’t see the shy Ohno Satoshi he had met in the club. His eyes saw only a carnivore, ready to have the most delicious dinner… and he couldn’t lie; he loved it. In the next second, the same hands came to his trousers, unzipping it hurriedly before throwing it on the floor. Soon, Nino was lying in the middle of the king-size bed completely naked with his erection standing up licking, begging to be touched. His eyesight was blurred by the arousal. He wanted the other to take him right at that moment.


“Satoshiiii…” he whined arching his back. He needed the other now.


His cheeks were flushed, his eyes darkened, filled with lust, his mouth half-opened; he was completely surrendered to him.


“Make me yours…” the words were spoken huskily, reflecting the eagerness the host was feeling and was what Satoshi needed to lose any trace of self-control.


Nino mewled like a kitten when he felt the CEO torturing him slowly, making sure every single inch of his body had felt his touch, his warmth… And then he finally felt his beautiful, long fingers teasing him in the most intimate part of his body that twitched as they found their way inside.


When Satoshi entered him in one fluid movement all he could do was scream at the top of his lungs. The other had stretched him at his limits but he liked it. Immediately, his legs found their way to Satoshi’s waist, his hips were moving against the other meeting him in the middle. The thrusts were powerful, hard; almost brutal but unlike the times he had slept with other clients, this time he had found himself moaning for real, wanting to feel more, needing to feel more. He had always called it a side-effect of the work he had chosen… but not this time; not with this man. He didn’t even know if he could call it a fuck. No matter how animalistic it was, there were those eyes of his; the warmth he could always distinct in the CEO’s eyes was still there, contrasting to the rawness of his body moves. For the first time in his life, Nino didn’t know how to call it.


He screamed even louder when teeth attached on his collarbones, marking his chest. It didn’t take long for Nino to mark Satoshi on his turn, not able to hold himself back. His nails buried in the soft, silk-like skin of the other’s back. He wanted to show him how much he really wanted him. He managed to turn them around so that he was on top. Without losing another second, he started moving up and down on the hard cock inside him while his right hand found his painful, licking erection. He didn’t close his eyes; his eyes were open, looking at him; his mouth was whispering his name… He usually had to close his eyes, imagine someone else to help him come but this time he didn’t need that. Ohno Satoshi was beautiful and Nino was now discovering that he could also be sexy, hot.


Satoshi sat up holding Nino close to his torso, allowing that way a deeper penetration, hitting with every thrust his prostate dead on. Nino couldn’t handle it anymore; he came hard on the other’s stomach, his walls clenching due to the intense orgasm his body was experiencing. His head was thrown back, gasping when he felt Satoshi’s teeth finding his neck, as his hands found their place at each side of his hips. Nino locked his hands around Satoshi’s neck and let the other move him on his lap the way he needed to reach his orgasm. A couple of thrusts later and Satoshi was coming, trembling from the intensity.


They were both panting but somehow they both had a shy smile. They kissed lazily once again before they fell on the mattress, trying to find their breaths back.


“Did I hurt…?”


Nino could tell that the usual, shy Ohno Satoshi had returned. Immediately, he turned on his side, his hand tracing feather-like the sweaty cheek.


“You didn’t hurt me… You gave me the best sex of my life…” He could only smile when he saw the other blushing. He hadn’t lied. This time was the best; one of the few times he hadn’t found the sight in front of him repulsing. He leaned closer to peck the CEO’s lips and was ready to get off the bed but was stopped.




He couldn’t lie. He expected it yet the moment he heard it, froze. It took him a few moments before he smiled. “I will…”


He let the other take him to the bathroom, enjoying the way he massaged his hair, his back. It felt soothing…  Once finished, they ate together a sandwich and cuddled on the sofa. It was a little after midnight when they went back to the bedroom. Nino let Satoshi hold him tightly as he drifted to dreamland.


It was 4 am. Nino could listen to the other’s soft snoring and smiled bitterly. He turned around and looked at the sleeping figure next to him. The CEO looked so innocent like that. His chubby cheeks were giving him a youthful look that made Nino sigh. He got off the bed, as soundlessly as possible, and went to his jacket. Inside there was the expensive phone he was given a day before his first encounter with Ohno Satoshi. With a trembling hand, he took it in his hands and went back to the bed. He lied back next to the other and opened the camera. They both fitted perfectly, their naked torsos leaving no doubts about the type of relationship between them. After a few seconds, a click was heard.




The room was dark but a small light. He couldn’t sleep. Tonight, he had managed to persuade the most difficult man in underground business to work with him. But it wasn’t just that. Tonight was also the night when he had seen them leaving together. It didn’t mean the end though… but it was definitely a beginning. He could only smirk when he heard his phone buzzing. He let his cigar carefully on the ashtray and got his phone in hands. He had received a new message.


From: Ninomiya Kazunari

First part is already done.


His smirk grew bigger as he read the text again and again. He closed the phone and poured himself scotch as he leaned back on his armchair, tasting some of the drink.


I really can’t wait to see your face when you realize that you have lost everything and that everyone you so stupidly believed in was nothing more than one very talented, little liar…



A.N. Sooo minna here's part 2! ^_^ This time it was Nino's POV. Things seem to be more complicated than they looked in the first part, right? We get to learn some things about Nino, how he usually behaves with his clients as well as the fact that he had to approach Satoshi. Though, when they spent the night together he seemed to have been taken by surprise, hasn't he? There are some hints about his thoughts and the reasons behind every move. We'll see how the story will progress from now on. Next part will be from Satoshi's POV. There, you might understand Nino better! ;)

I really hope you enjoyed it and as always your comments are <333!!!

See you soon,
Andy ^_^ 



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