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Pretense or Love? (Part 4)  
Title: Pretense or Love?
Author: Andy-chan ([personal profile] antimiya88 )
Pairing: Ohmiya
Genre: Romance, Angst, Slice of Life
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Ohno Satoshi is the new CEO of the family business after his father’s death. It’s something he didn’t choose, yet was obliged to do as the older son. The only escape from the harsh reality is a host; Nino. It was his younger brother who took him there and somehow, this man managed to reach his heart. For the first time in his life, someone didn’t judge him; listened to him; held him when he needed it. He knows that Nino might simply do his job but when they spent the night together he was sure he saw emotions reflecting in the host’s eyes. Is it true love or just a good pretense?
Disclaimer: Kazu belongs to his Oh-chan and Oh-chan belongs to his Kazu


Part 4



“Nino-chan, wouldn’t you come with me, tonight? Have you already forgotten how much fun we used to have together or is it that you got bored of me?”


Nino flinched at that. He knew very well that his choices were limited. Yakitaka Yoshiro was someone who’d pay enormous amounts of money every time he visited the club. He wasn’t only Nino’s client but he had clearly taken a liking at him. Was it that he had heard the rumor of Nino having found someone? Maybe. Nino could see that he was possessive and certainly a man who always wanted to be the winner, to have the last word. He knew that he couldn’t let this man unsatisfied… the warning look of his boss said as much.


“Of course, I didn’t, Yakitaka-san! I just thought you were the one who felt bored with me… If I remember correctly, you were with a specific Yuri in the last few weeks…” he used a whiny but in the same time, provocative tone; the one he knew would make the other eager to have him.


“I’m here to correct my mistake. I miss Nino-chan…” Yakitaka whispered in Nino’s ear while his hand was caressing in slow moves his upper thigh, moving dangerously close to his crotch.


Nino felt sick but managed not to show it. He just smirked and took the hand from his thigh into his, his fingers playing with the older man’s. He knew that once they finished their drinks, he’d be obliged to follow the man to his car, leading them to the usual hotel.


Fifteen minutes later, he was inside the car, his eyes trying desperately to catch the images outside the window, trying to lock his thoughts away. He knew that he was nothing more than a whore; only the official title was different. He had accepted it… or more correctly, he had chosen it. Till then, he always managed to empty his mind and let things happen without getting hurt… this time, though, things were different. He couldn’t get rid of the emotions that kept building up inside him. At the thought of what would follow he shivered. He didn’t want to be in that car, he didn’t want to let these hands roam on his body, he didn’t want Yakitaka touch him… But then again? Had he a choice? No… He bit his lower lip with force enough to feel the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. Not only had he no choice but what is more, he deserved it…


“Here we are, baby…”


Nino took a deep breath as he was pulled out of the car and led inside the luxury hotel, Yakitaka would usually take him to. His body got stiff as he felt the older man’s hands trying to get rid of his clothes. An image of Ohno Satoshi, unbuttoning his shirt flashed in his mind. Instinctively, he grabbed Yakitaka’s hands to stop them. The question and the warning that was hiding underneath the intense gaze of Yakitaka brought Nino back to the reality.


“Let me… show you… For all these weeks that we were away from each other…”


It seemed that the other liked the idea because he smirked. “I like how you think, Nino-chan…” He sat at the edge of the bed with his pair of trousers lowered to his ankles and his hand lazily pumping his member.


Nino wanted to throw up but held the feeling back. He could do it. He closed his eyes and started taking his clothes off, slowly, trying to ignore the hungry way those eyes were staring at him. He kept his eyes closed the moment he knelt between the man’s thighs… he kept his eyes closed the moment he found himself on his hands and knees… he kept his eyes closed when he felt the other moving in him… Soon, it would be over.


“Perfect, like always…” he heard Yakitaka saying between his heavy pants.


“And Yakitaka-san… I feel drained… but in a good way…” Nino said before pecking the other’s lips.


“Your money is in the envelope. I decided to include a small bonus tonight… for the show… If you worked in a strip club, you’d have my money every night…”


Nino raised his eyebrow. “Really?! I’m flattered…”


“You can take a quick shower before you leave…”


Nino shook his head. “No… I want to feel Yakitaka-san as much as possible…”


The other groaned in reply but Nino knew that he was too tired to try anything more that night. Hastily, he put on his clothes, took the white envelope and left the room. He didn’t want to feel the other as much as possible; he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.




He was riding the train back home. His mind was a mess. He had never liked the times he had to sleep with the richest clients of his but then, he had never felt this disgusted. At that moment, all he wanted to do was to rip his skin off, if possible.


Why did I have to get to know you? He felt hot tears filling his eyes. 


It was several months ago, when Ohno Satoshi had come to this host club; not alone, of course… There was no way someone like him would enter in a host club. Nino knew it well. He remembered how lost he had looked back then. A bitter smile appeared on Nino’s lips. Sometimes life could be confusing; wanting to see a specific someone every single minute of your life, yet wishing you’d never come across them ever again.


It was a while ago when he realized that he was actually looking forward to meeting with this man. The CEO wouldn’t speak much, choosing to mostly listen to him; many would call him boring and helpless but to Nino, Ohno Satoshi was so much more than this... perhaps that was the reason why another part of him, wanted to find the courage and ask him to never come back; the older man was still pure and his smile... his smile was the one that made Nino pay attention to him for the first time. Why should it be so… honest…?


He didn’t know how he was supposed to react. He couldn’t name what he was feeling. He just knew that he felt confused and sad… Sad because he didn’t deserve Ohno Satoshi’s love the same way the latter didn’t deserve what would follow…


He was still lost in his thoughts when he heard his phone buzzing.


From: Ohno Satoshi

Can you come?


He wanted to… he really did but he couldn’t… he was too dirty to go to him.


To: Ohno Satoshi

Sth happened?


The reply came immediately.


From: Ohno Satoshi

Just feeling lonely…


Nino felt his heart clench. His knuckles turned white from anger. Of course, something would have happened. He knew how his younger brother was. He knew that he had declared a psychological war against him. He hated such people the most… probably because he knew them and their methods too well.


His eyes looked at the screen for several minutes before finally. His fingers started moving, typing his text.


To: Ohno Satoshi

I’ll be there…

Just need to go by my house first.


A small smile appeared on his face when he felt the soft buzz a few seconds later.


From: Ohno Satoshi

I’ll be waiting, Kazu!


His heart clenched. Kazu… It was him the one who had asked the other to call him like that… yet why did he feel so guilty every time he heard it? Perhaps, because he knew he had no right to be called like that by this man.


Ten minutes later, he was in front of his house. He didn’t need to take his keys off, nor to knock on the door.


“Welcome back, Kazunari-sama”


Nino knew behind the polite tone, there was disapproval hiding. He raised his eyebrow. “He’s asleep. No need to pretend, Tanaka” He didn’t wait for the middle-aged butler’s answer.  He climbed up the stairs fast, reaching his bedroom. He threw his clothes on the floor and entered in the bathroom, letting the hot water wash away any trace of Yakitaka’s scent left on him.


He chose a pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt to put on. He didn’t care to put on his cologne; nor to fix his hair. He walked to the door next to his and opened it softly. A soft snore reached his ears making him smile. It was the only room of this house where he could breathe… probably because the air wasn’t poisoned.  He made a few steps closer to the bed. He looked beautiful, asleep as he was. Nino didn’t dare to say anything, not wanting to wake him up. Just watching him peaceful like that was enough.


I love you… He had never dared to speak these three words out loud but every one of them was honest, sincere. Here, there was no room of doubt, denial or fear. It was nothing but true.


He turned around, his eyes narrowing when they fell on the middle-aged butler waiting for him at the door. He walked outside as soundlessly as possible and closed the door behind him.


“What?” he asked in a tone that clearly showed his annoyance. He knew well that gaze… that criticizing, belittling gaze of the other. What bothered him wasn’t the fact that he was looking at him like that; he couldn’t care less. What bothered him was that he deserved it.


“I was wondering whether I should prepare dinner for Kazunari-sama…”


Kazunari-sama will go out. And I told you, drop the mask. We both know why you have decided to stay, Tanaka, so please, do me a favor and cut the crap when he’s not around. I know you hate it, as much as I do…” Nino tried to sound as unaffected as possible. There was always this unbearable silence between him and Tanaka.


The older man didn’t say anything in reply. He simply turned his back and climbed down the ladder. Nino felt the room suffocating. He couldn’t stay any longer. He grabbed his phone and the phone, Ohno Hideshi had given him, and left.




This time he got into the first taxi he saw, wanting to be by the side of the CEO as soon    as possible. The closer he got to Satoshi’s apartment, the faster his heart was beating. It almost felt as if it would fall out of his chest, as he rang the bell. When the door opened and Satoshi came to sight, Nino couldn’t hold back anymore. He threw his arms around the older man, letting his head lean against his chest. He could feel the hotness of the other’s body and the familiar scent reached him, causing him to sigh in relief.


Nino knew the other could ask him what had happened, if something was wrong but didn’t. He just held him tighter, right there, with the door open. It was funny; Satoshi was the one who had called him because he needed his company and not the opposite; yet there he was, rubbing his back softly. It would always be such small things that made Nino’s heart jump funnily in his chest. He knew he enjoyed the CEO’s company, more than he had ever dared to imagine, but the way he felt when he was close to him was more than he could handle. A part of his made him want to run away… to reach out of Satoshi’s grip… but another one wanted to never leave… to feel more… whatever this man had to give him.


He wished he was simply Nino; the host who came to like this client of his but he wasn’t… and unfortunately, things weren’t turning easy for him. Little by little he had come to grow fond of the older man, to seek his company and not only enjoy it… as if he was seeking for protection… love… Only the thought of it made him shiver. He was someone who didn’t have the right to love or be loved… yet there he was in Satoshi’s arms, his hands clinging on the shirt of the older man, his body pressing against the other, enjoying the warmth.


“I’m sorry…” the words came out of his mouth once they were inside the apartment, lying down on Satoshi’s bedroom over the sheets.


“What for, Kazu? You’re here…”


Nino closed his eyes tightly. “Yes… but instead of taking care of you, you had to take care of me…”


“But having you here was what I wanted… Even if I had to take care of you, as you say, do you think I found it unpleasant?! Keeping you in my arms, kissing your cheek, your lips while our fingers stay intertwined is what you’d describe as unpleasant?! Because for me it’s paradise!”


Nino sighed. Words would always leave Satoshi’s lips this easily… words that the other couldn’t possibly know how they affected Nino. Under any other circumstances he’d feel happy but at that moment, he felt sad… because he knew that he wouldn’t be the one to hear them forever. Once again, Ohno Satoshi was making things more difficult for him. How could he take the small camera and place it secretly in Satoshi’s bedroom, now? He couldn’t… but if he didn’t, he’d face problems with Satoshi’s younger brother and he was in no position to play with fire or challenge his luck.


He hadn’t realized that he was crying until he felt a thumb brushing his cheeks, wiping the tears away.


“Kazu, are you ok?” concern was more than obvious in Satoshi’s voice.


Nino tried to smile but failed. “It’s just that I don’t deserve you… I feel… dirty… Just before… I…” he turned his gaze away, not being able to face Satoshi’s face. He could feel the other stiffening and his heart sank.


“You… you were with a client?” the question came as a whisper. There was no anger in it… only sadness and Nino could swear that he could also distinguish disappointment.


“I… had to… my boss… I knew this time I had no option… I had been avoiding him for weeks… he must have complained about it… but… I swear I didn’t want him to touch me… I don’t want any of them to touch me… Before… before you… I could deal with it but now… now, it’s…” he tried to find the proper words but with no result. He ended up biting his lower lip. Now, it’s impossible… Now, my skin feels like burning, when they try to caress me because all I think of, is you… your lips, your arms, your touch, your caresses, your warmth...


Nino was debating with himself whether he should say any of that or not. In the beginning, it was easier… He knew how to approach him, what to say, when and how to say it but lately, he wasn’t so sure anymore… Every time there would be doubts… questions. Could he say something like that? For some reason, he wanted to be careful… He knew he’d cause pain to the other but he wanted it to be as less as possible. He was still deep into his thoughts when abruptly he was taken into a hug. A gasp of surprise left his mouth as he looked at the older man. The disappointment he had clearly sensed in his last words was replaced by understanding that weirdly, made his heart sink even deeper. Why? “Why?” he asked with a trembling voice. Why are you so good with me when I’m not worth it? Why are you making it more and more difficult? Why do you make me fall for you minute after minute?


“I don’t know why you have to work as a host but whatever the reason might be – because I know there is a reason behind -, never, you listen to me?!, never call yourself dirty again! You’re not dirty, Kazu!”


Nino gasped. ‘You have to work’… there was a certainty behind these words that made him look at the other who was staring back at him with firm eyes.


“I know people that are truly dirty; dirty in their soul… Your soul, on the other hand, is pure. I wouldn’t love you, if you were dirty, as you say. I can clearly see, Kazu… There are moments that you’re absent-minded but there are moments that I can see the way you look at me… there are emotions… and that’s enough for me! You were the first person that took his time to listen to me… who didn’t judge me… In the beginning, maybe you did. It was your job anyway but little by little, I want to believe…” he took a deep breath closing his eyes “No. I believe that you changed your mind… you’re here, Kazu… on my bed, in my arms. I would never allow a dirty person to be here with me.”


Nino was left speechless. Tears, that were desperately held back till then, started falling like a river, staining his pale cheeks. “But-”


“I don’t like it” Satoshi cut him off “but I also don’t judge it… I wish you could tell me; I wish you’d let me help you however I could but if you don’t want to share it, I’m fine. I’ll be there for you once you feel that you want to speak. Even if it’s something of non-importance, I’ll be there, my love…”


‘My love’?! Had the other just called him his love?! Why? Nino felt his heartbeat accelerating fast in his chest, almost turning painful, and his throat turning dry. The other would never stop surprising him. His hand, trembling, came to reach Satoshi’s cheek, to caress it feather-like.


“I… I don’t deserve you…” he truly meant it. Nino knew very well that he didn’t deserve either this man or his feelings.


“You do. You love me.” Satoshi replied in a certain, affirmative way.




Satoshi hushed Nino with a kiss. “I just know but it’s late now. Let’s sleep… Tomorrow, I want to take you on a proper date, not our usual lunch or dinner meetings.”




“I’ve been wanting it since I dared to hold your hand at the club.”


Nino smiled and placed a soft kiss on the other’s cheek. “Ok. Good night, Satoshi.”


“Good night, my love….”


Nino let himself being held from behind while he felt the older man relaxing and eventually, falling asleep. He could feel Satoshi’s hot breath landing on his nape and for some reason every breath felt hotter than the previous one.


It was five in the morning when he went to drink a glass of water, unable to sleep. They had only cuddled that night and then, in bed Satoshi had told him all that… it was enough to send his sleep away. His eyes turned to the dark sky, wondering what he was going to do. He wanted to tell Satoshi the truth but he couldn’t. There were many ‘wants’ that would be followed by the very same ‘couldn’t’… It’s not that he put the blame on others… It was entirely his and he was paying for it.


He put the empty glass into the sink and walked with heavy steps towards Satoshi’s bedroom. A bitter smile appeared on his face when his eyes fell on the sleeping figure in the king-sized bed. He looked so beautiful like this… He lied down next to him and pressed his lips feather-like on Satoshi’s forehead, before burying his head in the crook of the other’s neck. He wanted to be happy… but he couldn’t… He closed his eyes. “I’m sorry…” he muttered and he meant every word.




“Here?!” Nino was astonished.


He saw Satoshi smiling proudly as he took his hand into his. “Yes… I think it’s the best place for us.”


Nino said nothing in reply. He only gulped as he looked in the horizon in front of him. I’m sorry…




Two hours earlier…


Nino frowned as he opened his eyes and rubbed them. He found himself alone in the bedroom. He sat up better and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table. 9:30. He looked around but there was no Satoshi. A smile appeared on his face when he realized that there was sounds of water falling. He’s taking a shower… For some reason, he wasn’t simply smiling; he also felt shy about it. It wasn’t only Ohno Satoshi that surprised him; it was also himself. I do like some teenager who has fallen in love for the first time… He tried to ignore it but in the next second, he found himself walking towards the door. He had almost reached the doorknob when his ear caught a certain buzzing sound that brought him in a harsh way back to reality; as if he had just experienced a rough landing.


He wished he could ignore the call but there was no alternative option. Sighing, he went to his clothes and found the phone in one of his jeans’ pockets.


“I’m listening, Sir.”


Good morning! How is our love bird doing?


Nino closed his eyes tightly. “What do you want?”


What?! He wasn’t in the mood to fuck you last night?! Pity… and I made sure he was brought to his limits… or was it that he took pity on you for having already been fucked?!


Nino bit his lower lip forcefully. He wanted to tell the man go to hell. He could hear mocking giggles from the other end of the line but tried to remain focused. He wanted to end this call as soon as possible. “What do you want?”


Make sure you take him out of the apartment today. One of my men is already waiting outside... We need a note of romance, not just bedroom activities… If that’s the case, he can easily play it off as a mean of relief and we don’t want that, right…, Nino?


Nino was about to reply when he felt two arms wrapping around his waist. He pressed the button to end the call and threw the phone on the armchair in front of him. His heartbeat was thumping painfully in his chest. Had the other heard anything? He hadn’t… right?


“Good morning, Kazu…”


Nino froze. Was he panicking for no reason?! He turned around and met the two eyes, he found so beautiful, looking back at him with the familiar warmth they usually had. Did that mean that the older man hadn’t heard him? Even if he had, he wasn’t showing it…


“Sa… toshi…”


“Are you ok?” Nino closed his eyes at the caress of Satoshi’s hand on his head. He felt the fingers brush through his hair and felt himself relaxing. “Kazu…?”


Nino opened his eyes and looked at the man in front of him. They stayed like this for several seconds before Nino’s lips found the CEO’s neck, kissing it with an eagerness that took the latter by surprise.




“I want you…” Nino whispered on Satoshi’s skin and resumed his task without waiting for the other to say anything else.


Satoshi was wearing only a pair of sweatpants, his torso naked. Nino’s lips traveled south… spreading soft kisses on the collarbones before he reached even lower. He kneeled on the floor, his hands ready to lower the sweatpants when two arms held his wrists, forbidding him to make another move. Nino looked up with questioning eyes, his heart clenching at the sight of sad eyes.


“What happened?”


In the next minute, Nino was pulled up and led to sit at the end of the bed.




“So, the phone-call has nothing to do with your eagerness just a few moments ago?”


Nino gasped. Of course, he would have taken notice…


“I… I just want you…”




“Please…” Nino begged. Was it only because of the call? He didn’t know… he just felt the urge to feel him… right there… Satoshi was about to speak when Nino leaned closer, his eyes locked on the other’s and their mouths almost touching. “Please…”


Satoshi sighed, lowering his head and Nino was sure he’d be rejected when he found himself lying on his bed.


“I love you…”


Nino’s eyes bulged at the sound of that phrase. He had said it again… He wanted to say something but all that left from his throat was a moan as the latter claimed his lips passionately. In every move, Nino could feel the rawness, the lust but he could also feel his lover’s care, his feelings, his love… and that made it almost unbearable to him. It was overwhelming… He felt the orgasm passing through every single cell of his body, his mind turning blank as his nails clawed Satoshi’s arms.


He had never felt more alive in his life. He had never dared to dream that one day it would be possible for him to feel that way and that was scaring him; because he already knew it would eventually end.


“Are you feeling better, now?” the question was spoken with difficulty, as Satoshi was still trying to recover from his own pleasure.


“You never fail to make me feel alive…” the words had slipped out but Nino strangely didn’t regret it.


“I can only say the same thing…” Satoshi whispered close to Nino’s ear before kissing him fast on the cheek. “But now, let’s have a quick shower and grab some breakfast. I intend to take you to a date!”


Nino frowned. “Can’t we stay inside? Nothing makes me happier than cuddling with you… We could-”


Satoshi’s index came to hush him. “I love it, too, when we cuddle but I’ll take you on a date and I take no objections! Come!”


Nino’s eyes fell on the phone that was thrown on the armchair before looking at Satoshi’s bare back as he was leading them to the bathroom. I’m sorry…




“Don’t you like it?”


Nino only smiled. They were at the beach; at a beautiful, relatively small one that seemed quite private.


“It combines the sea that I love and the quietness you seek for…” Satoshi continued while he took Nino into a hug from behind.


These words hit Nino hard. How could the other know him so well when he had never truly opened up? Perhaps he wasn’t as closed nature as he thought he was… perhaps the other was looking at him closer than he believed… He didn’t know but the way his heart skipped a beat was telling him that he couldn’t lie to himself anymore. He had fallen in love with the CEO. He wished he wasn’t who he was; he wished he hadn’t known that behind that bush there was someone taking their pics.


They spent hours sitting on the sand, their fingers intertwined, while looking at the small waves crushing against the rocks on their side. Satoshi had brought a bottle of red wine with him and small cheese breads. It was simple but never simplicity had felt so fulfilling. The air had a saltiness that usually made Nino’s stomach twirl unpleasantly; this time, though, it only made him feel as if he had butterflies in it. This time was special; he was there with Satoshi.


“I want to draw your portrait…”


Nino was taken by surprise. He turned on his side to look at Satoshi whose gaze was still locked on the horizon that had started filling with dark orange and reddish shades.


“I never felt the need to draw someone’s portrait before… but I want to draw yours… I want to show you how you look in my eyesl how beautiful and how perfect, even when you have imperfections and flaws like every other human being…”


Nino felt his lower lip trembling. What had he done to listen to such things? He was nothing more than a scumbag… He had always been dirty, no matter how much Satoshi tried to convince him for the opposite. Since he was fifteen… his soul was rotten.


“I wish I could show you how beautiful you are in my eyes…” he whispered with a tremble.


Satoshi smiled. “That’s more than enough for me…”


Neither of them said anything else… They didn’t need to…


It was almost sunset and there they were, enjoying the calmness and the soft breeze. Nino was resting his head on Satoshi’s shoulder when the words came out, out of the blue. “I love you…” He surprised himself, mainly because he realized he truly meant what he had just said; he loved him.


Satoshi said nothing in reply. He just hugged him and pressed his lips on his forehead.


Nino leaned closer, snuggling into the CEO’s arms, trying to ignore the sound of the car that could be heard several meters away. He could only close his eyes tightly.


I’m sorry…




“I have to admit it was quite a surprise! Calling me and asking me to meet at this café…”


Nino looked at the man in front of him with narrowed eyes. His tone was sarcastic and his smirk was making him want to punch him right on his face.


“There’s something I need to discuss with you.”


“Forget it. I’m not paying a yen more. As precious as that whorish butt of yours may be, I pay enough.”


Nino took a deep breath, trying to remain calm. It wasn’t that it wasn’t like the other was saying but it still hurt to have to listen to it right on his face.


“I don’t want to talk to you about money.”


The other raised his eyebrow. “Then?”


“I want to stop.”


Nino didn’t dare to look up at the other. For several minutes, there was nothing but an annoying silence. He certainly didn’t expect that.


“You mean that you want to back off from our little deal?”


“Yes, Ohno-san.” Nino replied in a firm tone, looking straight into Ohno Hideshi’s eyes.


The other man abruptly started laughing, as if he had heard the joke of the year. There was something sarcastic about it. Nino could already tell… it wouldn’t be so easy.


“I’m sorry but it was a nice one!” Ohno Hideshi was still laughing when he took his coffee and drank the rest of it in one go. “Ah… Nino…! Nino…! I’m afraid I can’t satisfy your wish. You’re in no place to have a wish in the first place!”


“I will find the money from elsewhere. I won’t speak. I just want to stop.”


The other smirked. “I’m afraid we didn’t understand each other very well. I didn’t choose you because you fuck well… I chose you because I knew you’d never turn your back at me; even if you wanted to.”


Nino could see the other smirking in an annoyingly triumphant way. From his tone, he could tell that the other knew more than he wished he did.


“I’m sure you know what I want to say, Matsumoto-san…, aren’t I right?”


Nino felt all air leaving his lungs, his ears whizzing. He had lost. “What… what do you want me to do, Ohno-san?”


“I’m happy we’re talking the same language!” the other said as he leaned at the back of his chair. “I want you to convince Satoshi to invite you to the Company gala in two weeks… Think of it as a small hors d’oeuvre before the main dish! And don’t even think to disobey. I don’t give a shit, if you fell in love with him. You’re doing what I’m saying, understood?”


Nino was staring blankly at the table, saying nothing.


Understood?” the other repeated again, warningly.


“Yes, Ohno-san.”


Nino didn’t move from his seat. He felt a tear falling on his cheek. It was hotter than usual. Why was he sad? He already knew that he wasn’t allowed to love, for twelve years, now… but he couldn’t blame anyone. He was the one at fault… but then again, it still hurt… a lot…





A.N. Sooo minna here’s finally part 4! *bows apologetically* I’m really sorry for not posting last week but was participating in an international conference – luckily everything went ok – but had no time to see it. In the meantime, I posted another one and I didn’t want to change the posting day. So, here it is! :) Longer than usual! Almost 5.500 words! ;)
Now to the chapter! This time we had Nino’s POV! ^_^ We finally found out some things, right?! First of all, we found out that he wasn’t only pretending that he liked Satoshi. He really meant it! I had tried to show it as much as possible in Satoshi’s POV but now, we have it clear. There are also hints for his identity and past… Ohno Hideshi seems to have made his research. Now, why he called Nino, Matsumoto, why Nino seemed to have a butler – who obviously doesn’t respect him – and who this person sleeping at the room next to his is, you’ll find out later! I couldn’t reveal everything in one chapter but I promise you, little by little, you’ll know everything! ^^ 

I really hope you enjoyed it and as always, your comments are <333!!!

See you soon,
Andy ^_^



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antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on July 17th, 2017 04:03 pm (UTC)
Don't worry! I'm more than you! *runs and hides*
Nino has many problems - and why Hideshi called him Matsumoto! You'll understand better in the next one! And relax! Your baby is OK! Though, I could have done sth to him since you threw SM right into my face in my bday fic *looks at you with narrowed eyes*
I hope you'll like the next chapter as well! ;)

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antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on July 17th, 2017 04:04 pm (UTC)
Yes... it's sad and it will become more complicated! xP
I guess it took me longer ><" Gomen but rl is too much lately!
Hope you'll like the continuation though!

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Im still angry with nino... Its already giving me pain to think what will happened if ohno found out about him. Unless i got a good reason to forgive him.

Wah....you just add new info here... He is "-sama" and have a butler. He is sure a rich guy!!!
... "Matsumoto???"😱
...and the sleeping figure... Im so curious to know more.
antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on July 17th, 2017 04:06 pm (UTC)
He is a bastard!! We'll see about that... Nino is at fault. we will understand some things about him in the next chapter though we won't know things from his POV!
More information is coming!! Next is (finally) up! ;)

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antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on July 17th, 2017 04:07 pm (UTC)
It's complicated and sad... We'll see what's going to happen! ;) Next is up and I'm sure some of your answers will be answered!!

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What is Nino's history actually? It seems so complicated and gloomy...I'm heart-broken and curious right now!!
Poor Ohno! He will be so devastated!! Nino, why do you need money so much?
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antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on July 17th, 2017 04:10 pm (UTC)
Nino has to face some complicated situations... You'll understand better in the next chapter which is - finally -
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I wish Nino would just tell him his problems. It can't be worse than knowing the one you love will be humiliated and ruined can it? If Ohno is prepared for what will happen then he won't be as shocked or hurt. Nino wake up! Tell him! And how did Jun end up in a coma? Or sick? Why would he be ashamed of telling someone he is helping his friend,boyfriend,or relative? If Jun has a butler....does that mean he has money? Confusing. But I'm sure you will tell us more next time. 😊
antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on July 17th, 2017 04:13 pm (UTC)
I wish that he did so, too but he may have a reason for not wanting or at least, hesitating to say sth to Satoshi! You'll understand more in the two following chapters!! ;) And Jun is alright! Don't worry! ;) More in the next one which -after so many weeks- is posted! I promise some questions will be answered!! ^^ Hope you'll find it interesting!

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antimiya88[personal profile] antimiya88 on August 20th, 2017 06:15 am (UTC)
I'd gladly help you with punching Hideshi! xD
Nino is in a very difficult situation! We'll see what happens and what it's meant for Ohmiya!!

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