01 December 2015 @ 01:45 pm
Title: Capturing sinful beauty (One-Shot)
Author: Andy-chan ([ profile] antimiya88)
Pairings: Sakuraiba / Ohmiya (only mentioned)
Genre: Romance, (slight) Humor
Rating: R
Summary: Masaki seems gloomy after having talked with his manager. Sho, hating seeing his boyfriend like that, decides to talk to the latter and find out the reason. He knows that Masaki is too sensitive and sometimes behaves like a baby but no matter what, he wants to see him smile again, even if that means that he has to prove to him that he's the most beautiful person in the world again.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakuraiba, they own me.

“I’m not good enough…” “Do you really believe that?” Sho spoke directly on Masaki’s nape. “Yes… I’m clearly not sexy enough…” Sho smirked and leaned forward so that Masaki could feel his body on his. “Explain to me then Masaki… if you’re not sexy as you say… then why do you always bring me to this situation… so fast… so effortlessly?” he rotated his hips, so that Masaki could get the message. “Tell me…” Sho added, whispering huskily. )

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