15 December 2015 @ 08:42 pm
I know that I'm supposed to have posted the fifth (and last) part of 'Improvised Matchmaking'. It's already been two weeks. But the truth is that some issues made me really busy in rl and for some reason I can't write the smut part... My inspiration is 0! *frowns frustrated* I want it to be really hot... since we have Sho fanboy and Masaki rock star but I'm never satisified with what I've written so far... and the more I push myself to write because I know you're expecting it the more I can't... >< I hope that tomorrow my inspiration comes back and you have your update veeeery soon!!!

I want you to know though that I will write it no matter what... I'm not abandoning the fic! Ok? *bows apologetically*

Nanka gomeeeen,
Andy <3
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04 November 2015 @ 09:18 pm
Hello minna!!! ^_^

I just wanted to tell you that I'm reaaaally sorry for not updating that fast this time but I had too much work for my uni... *pouts* I managed to send the damn 70 pages to my professor yesterday though!!! *dances around happily*
So now I'm more relaxed and guess what?!

1) Tomorrow: You'll get the last part of 'Seductive Encounter' (I tried to finish it tonight but I got too tired and I don't want it to be messed up)! ^_^

2) The latest this Saturday you'll get the second part of 'Improvised Mamtchmaking'! yay! XD

Sometimes I hate RL but what can we do?! :P Again gomeeen! *bows*

Hope you're all ok!!!

Andy <333

*[ profile] tsuki_sora39 I just saw your pm but I can't reply to you dew to your privacy settings... I guess this post here counts as a reply! You don't have to worry as you can see! I'm fine! ^_^
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14 August 2015 @ 02:00 pm
I know that today is Friday and that means update of 'Profession Gigolo'...
But... ><"
Today we changed internet company and the whole morning (here's 2 pm now) I couldn't gain access in order to re-read the chapter and post it before lunch. Apart from that, tomorrow it's an important holiday for Greece (which also happens to be my Name day) and because of that I'm leaving Athens with my friends in a couple of hours for three days! Yatta! :D I sooo need it! XD
So whoever reads the fic - though I'm afraid there aren't so many of you out there :P - will have to wait until Monday! I will update then and also reply to all your comments! I promise! :)

Here are some pics of our destination: Halkida!
It's beautiful, right? I can't wait to goooo! ;D

See you next week!!! ;)

With lots of love,
Andy-chan <3

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27 March 2015 @ 10:33 pm
Minna hello!  ^^

I know I've always updated every Friday but tomorrow morning I'm flying from Paris back to Athens so today has been quite a crazy day... *sighs* and I was too busy with my uni so I had no time to reread properly chapter 8 and I didn't want it to be rushed... I'm a perfectionist I know! XD
Sooo I believe tomorrow evening or the latest (if I'm sleeping all day) on Sunday morning you'll have your update!!! It's almost the end! You'll find out maaaaany things!  ;)

Buuut I wrote this small os! I hope you enjoyed / will enjoy it! :)

Kisseeeees! <333
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